General terms and Conditions

1. General points

1.1. The general Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC) govern the comprehensive terms and conditions and services between BESTPRICE union and its customers.

2. Offer

2.1. The offers on the webshop of BESTPRICE Union are subject to alteration and are not to be understood as binding offers. An order is only made by the order confirmation via e-mail or by the delivery of the ordered goods. The availability of the articles/products by our suppliers or manufacturers remains reserved. The offer of BESTPRICE Union is primarily aimed at end-users. Therefore, BESTPRICE Union reserves the right not to accept orders from the customer in particular if non-household quantities of an item are ordered.

2.2. All information, service descriptions, photos, media data, product details, product photos, technical specifications, accessory relations etc. are made on the Internet site of BESTPRICE union without guarantee. For the webshop the valid specifications of the manufacturer are authoritative at the time of delivery.

2.3. BESTPRICE Union accepts no liability for the contents of external websites and linked partner shops.

3. Prices

3.1. All prices of BESTPRICE union are inclusive of value added tax (VAT).

3.2. Ancillary costs (e.g. shipping costs, packaging costs, surcharges according to the chosen means of payment) are shown separately in the order process and additionally charged.

3.3. The time of the order is valid for the price determination. Subsequent price fluctuations during the execution of the order are not taken into account.

3.4. Technical changes, errors, spelling and printing errors remain reserved.

3.5. BESTPRICE union may make price changes at any time without notice.

3.6. Vouchers and discounts are to be entered during the order process, a subsequent booking is not possible.

4. Means of payment

4.1. BESTPRICE union accepts as payment means credit cards, debit card and PayPal at its own discretion.

4.2. When purchasing with debit and credit cards, the charge is made at the time of ordering. The activation or deactivation of individual credit or debit cards can BESTPRICE union at any time and without notice. The data on credit and debit card payments are transmitted in encrypted form.

4.3. BESTPRICE Union may obtain credit assessments via the customer from third parties and pass on customer data to third parties for payment behaviour. BESTPRICE Union may exclude individual means of payment in general or for individual customers without further justification.

5. Terms of payment and retention of title

5.1. If the customer is in arrears with the whole or the partial purchase price, BESTPRICE union may, without further warning, suspend all other deliveries in whole or in part until the entire claim has been redeemed.

5.2. If the customer fails to comply with his debt payment after a period of grace, BESTPRICE union may claim damages and proceed in accordance with the provisions of the Swiss Obligations Law (or). In particular, BESTPRICE union has the right to assign outstanding debts to external collection companies.

5.3. BESTPRICE Union may levy surcharges on individual means of payment and change them without notice.

5.4. The products supplied by BESTPRICE Union shall remain the property of BESTPRICE union until the total purchase price (including all surcharges) has arrived at BESTPRICE union. The customer undertakes to treat the products carefully and to keep the original packaging as long as they are owned by BESTPRICE union.

6. Order Online Shop

6.1. Orders in the online shop are accepted exclusively via the online presence on the Internet. Telephone or written orders will not be processed.

6.2. Orders by minors and Ward are only permitted with the consent of the legal representative.

6.3 An order for goods and/or the information about certain products is only possible in principle only if the customer Registered with an individual customer account or as a guest. Irrespective of an order, he has to indicate in addition to the user name (e-mail), his official name and surname, the residence address reported to the authorities, his date of birth, the desired language and a valid telephone number. When shopping through the individual customer account, a password is also to be defined.

7. Delivery and Partial delivery

7.1. Delivery shall be made exclusively via dispatch.

7.2. The online shop of BESTPRICE union confirms the order after completion of the order by e-mail.

7.3. The processing time for purchase orders is 1-3 working days. Thereafter, the delivery time within the United States is 9-20 days and 15-30 working days international, depending on the location.

7.4. The BESTPRICE Union online shop only mentions delivery times as a guideline. These are not binding. If a delivery period cannot be met, the customer can withdraw from the order after the expiry of a grace period of at least 30 days which he has to announce in writing. The customer cannot assert any further claims.

7.5. BESTPRICE Union's online shop can cancel confirmed orders on the basis of external, non-impressionable circumstances without cost.

7.6. The shipping costs are based on the total amount of the order. From an order value of CHF 29.90, shipping is free of charge.

8. Transport risk, transport damage and transport guarantee

8.1. The dispatch of orders in the online shop of BESTPRICE union is at the risk of the customer, but is limited transport insurance.

8.2. The customer undertakes to immediately check the delivered goods for correctness, completeness and integrity. Damage to the delivered goods must be reported as soon as possible, but no later than 5 calendar days after delivery, BESTPRICE union.

8.3. In case of complaints, all parts of the original packaging must be kept. These may only be disposed of after the written consent of BESTPRICE Union.

8.4. At the conclusion of the order, the customer can optionally conclude a transport guarantee for transport damages and transport losses. The insured is the actual damage on the shipping route, maximum the value of the item at the time of the order. The customer is exclusively entitled to rectification or replacement (replacement delivery) or compensation in the event of impairment. The decision to repair or replace a device lies with BESTPRICE union. Damage to the delivered goods must be reported to BESTPRICE union by e-mail as soon as possible, but no later than 5 calendar days after delivery. In case of complaints, all parts of the original packaging must be kept.

8.5. A subsequent completion of the transport guarantee is not possible.

8.6. When returning a damaged item with a completed transport guarantee, the use of the original packaging is mandatory.

9. Redemption and Exchange

9.1. For items purchased in the BESTPRICE Union online Shop, there is a right of return in respect of the withdrawal conditions. Exchange is excluded. The delivery note is a guarantee certificate. This must be kept carefully.

9.2. The withdrawal must in any case be requested in writing by e-mail.

9.3. A withdrawal is possible only up to 2 weeks (14 calendar days) after receipt of the goods. The date of delivery is authoritative.

9.4. The return of the goods must be made exclusively to a specific address. Returns to branch addresses are not possible.

9.5. The return of the goods shall be made in the original packaging, complete with all accessories and with a supplement of the delivery note/Guarantee certificate. It takes place at the expense and risk of the customer – BESTPRICE union recommends the dispatch via registered mail with the additional service "assurance".

10. Warranty Terms/EXTENSION

10.1. Warranty Period
The warranty period is shown on the sales document per item. This is at least 2 years for a device. The warranty replacement or warranty repair does not result in an extension of the original warranty period. The warranty does not restrict the legal warranty.

10.2. Proof of Guarantee
The sales document is a guarantee certificate. It must be kept carefully.

10.3. Scope of Warranty
The buyer is exclusively entitled to rectification or replacement (replacement delivery). BESTPRICE Union undertakes to repair product defects or manufacturing faults free of charge (warranty repairs), unless there are grounds for exclusion. The reasons for exclusion are in particular elementary damage, moisture damage, impact or fall damage, natural wear and tear, descaling of household appliances, software problems, mismanipulations, damage caused by external influences and interventions in the Product or its modification. Excluded from the warranty are wear parts, batteries, rechargeable batteries, projection lamps and housing parts. In the case of defects for which there is no guarantee, the buyer shall bear the costs of the search for faults.

10.4. Other warranty Terms
The decision to repair or replace a device lies with BESTPRICE union. There is no entitlement to a replacement device for the duration of the repair. Home Service is not included in the warranty. The replaced equipment or parts will be the property of BESTPRICE Union. Other or further warranty claims do not exist. The protection of data is the sole responsibility of the buyer. BESTPRICE Union does not assume any liability for the loss of data and programs in the event of repair or exchange of equipment. Deviating provisions of the product manufacturer remain reserved.

10.5. Supplement Guarantee Plus
With the completion of warranty Plus, the warranty period is extended by 24 months. Warranty and other warranty terms and conditions are in accordance with BESTPRICE Union's general warranty policy. Excluded from the warranty plus are devices which are used for commercial purposes. A refund of the lump-sum guarantee plus is excluded.

11. Legal venue, applicable law

11.1. To the extent permitted by law, the District Court of Zurich shall be regarded as the exclusive place of jurisdiction; Swiss law is only applicable.